Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peeps At Nana Lana's Designs

Been a few days since I last blogged. BTW, I was not really busy tho... I was just searching for the inspiration to blog. Crapz.

And, I was not really busy in designing for my college's Talent Search's posters neither. It just took me like for less than 1 hour? LOL. You might see me tweeting the hassles about it but frankly, I was just sort of fed up by failing to download Photoshop. Ain't knowing what's the problem either! And so, I have to make do with Photoscape instead. Afterall, it do assists me in completing my task. =)

With these graphics googled apart from that 17th's Got Talent logo....

I've came up with a few poster designs below.... LOL... Although the all designs looked similar but every poster design do have their differences! I might not be a superb professional individual in designing but I do have the passion for it! Tee Hee! Can you guys see it? NO? Wonder if it'll enlarge on you clicked on the image. =P

Yeah, I know that it seems irrelevant for me to add my pic above but I really don't know what to put up there apart from Nana Lana myself! Kononnya with my throne from designing! LMAO

BTW, I have yet to post up on something! YEAH, something which boosted my joy and happiness before this Raya Break! I AM STILL WAITING for the photos.... Sigh....

BTW, I bet I'm gonna be updating about the event soon. FYI (For Your Information), we, the "residents" of the 17th College, UPM are raelly very pathetic! Apart from being located in an *isolated* area, we have to fight so hard to earn MERITS in order to save a bed for ourselves! =( and perhaps that is why I've become one of the committee members for this event! LOL. JK lar, apart from the merits earning, I do enjoy my *job* too! Of having to design the posters and watching the talents of the students! Teehee!

Till then!!!


凯宁 said...

this time is WHAT?!

Nana Lana said...

last year we dont really hv a theme. but this time round, it comes with a theme :

Trails of a Nightmare..

the details aint sure yet. perhaps by dressing up in gothical manners while u're doing ur performance! imagine, playing Addam's Family soundtrack on the keyboard with all the gothical make-up done! cool huh? LMAO

come n join ya! u can sing evanescence's song rite? i think it matches well. XD

or perhaps u wana do some dances? too bad i cant join for this yr AGAIN. kepoh go n be committee! LOL

凯宁 said...

er....i think ppl will run away & thought there is a ghost in DKU when i start the song loh, hahha! XD

dance? i think dayana will do it, hehe...i just go and be audience lah,hahha!

Nana Lana said...


bt if dayana join, i doubt epsilon can join lar. afterall, it's 17's got talent. unless epsilon is here for the performance only. details, shall ask d ajk in charge of the rules/regulation =)

凯宁 said...

hehe....gambateh lah!
let us see the best version of K17 got talent k!

WK said...

I'll choose the 2nd of right if u ask me to select among the 6~ (u din plan to ask also, haha)

Jiayou jiayou~

Nana Lana said...

LOL. btw, they've chosen ady but it was not d one u chose. XD. personally, i like that too coz u c, d eyes just right in between the words "trails of a nightmare", almost perfect! XD

*perasan* but true wat.

butta, they've chosen another one... nvrmind lar. hopefully one of dem will be used! keke!

WK said...

haiyo...anyway, itz still ur work piece. so wish to c ur work to be selected soon and rampantly pasted in kolej (^^)

Nana Lana said... supportive,kamsia! haahah!