Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dark Chocolate Deeds To You And Me

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Shall I warn you of the boringness of this post?

Shall I not regret of posting this up and losing my mini circle of readers? LMAO.

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I bet nobody would ever say NO to CHOCOLATES isn't it?

Do you know that chocolates, in a good way, consumed in a right way do actually do us good?

Now, let's get into it!



Getting tired of having to suck your lozenges or gulping down your coughing syrup to ease tour throat? DO YOU KNOW that you could actually take DARK CHOCOLATE instead which is much more effective in the substitution of the two commonly used methods? It works so well for pain relieving effect!

I have yet to try this but soon, I bet I would! Touch-wood, I wouldn't wanna fall sick! *Phewww!!!

Discoveries proved that the alkaloid chemical (theobromine) found in chocolate is three times better and effective in suppressing a throaty tickle and persistent cough than do medication used in cough medicine (codeine), known to be the best cough medicine.

Theobromine, by no doubt aids in the suppression of the vagus nerve which is responsible in bringing about coughing.



The cocoa plant flavanols, known as epicatechins, improve the function of the blood vessels by aiding in the relaxation of the artery wall.

This is important as rigid wall and blocked vessels will fail the proper flow of the blood through vessels which will eventually increases the pressure needed to pump blood across the vessels. The continuous elevation of the pressure exerted will thus leads to hypertension where the pressure could not be decreased back to the normal level.

In a delectable way, daily consumption of cocoa (the darker the better) for at least two weeks can reduce blood pressure among people with severe hypertension.

On top of that, besides having to aids in hypertension, dark chocolate, preferably, pure cocoa is rich in antioxidants, nutrients that fight against cancer, strengthen the immune system and in slow-aging.



I bet many of us is well aware that chocolate is one of the remedies used in reducing our stress levels. Especially among girlsss... LOL...

Still remember how I gorged myself to the Super Duper Uber Sweet & Milky 650g Bar of Cadbury's during my Sec 3 days while having to flip over one page after another in order to finish up my revision... [ooppsss, me and my complex sentence again...]

BUT the thing is, I was really UNAWARE that I was facing and experiencing the STRESSING period! And for God's sake, I thought I was just having some Choco-Binging needs. LMAO

NOW, get this clear, DARK CHOCOLATE taken for two weeks in adequate amount (about 1.5 ounce a day) DO reduce stress hormones levels in the bodies of highly-stressed individuals. The antioxidant and other beneficial substances in dark chocolate may aid in reducing the risk factors for heart disease.



How can you not know that chocolate has long known to be a mood-lifter? WAIT A MINUTE, I mean DARK CHOCOLATE yea!

Dark chocolate boosts the levels of serotonin, known as the brain's antidepressant, as well as endorphins, the feel-good chemicals released after exercise. The release of these chemicals could somehow improve one's emotion for the day.

YES. It's the source of theobromine, a stimulant that causes the long-lasting relaxing effect.

So, why not but to kick start your day with a tiny cube/piece of dark chocolate?



WHAT??? Losing your weight by eating chocolate??? Am I, or, are you seeing things???

Here's the thing. Most girls refrain from consuming chocolate thinking that it might harm them by the accumulation of the possible calories which will eventually make them gain for like another FREAKING POUND.

BUT don't you know that... You are the one who control it all? Choose the right chocolate and you can have it your way! Tee hee!

BTW, healthy dark chocolate DO help with FOOD CRAVING!!!

Try taking a bite-ful of dark chocolate prior to your meal! Or if you're trying to curb your appetite, it does help too! In fact, you will be surprised of how the wonders work on you over the next several hours where you will be less inclined to overeat and to binge on snacks!!!

Ooopppsss, I think I gotta give it a go to try on this since I tend to binge after each and every filling meal! =P

Apparently, the best dark chocolate will be high in cocoa content and low in refined sugar! Bear in mind that for weight loss, be sure to check that the dark chocolate has LOW GLYCEMIC SWEETENERS and LOW IMPACT FATS!

On knowing these deeds done by chocolate, there's one more thing here to bear in mind!

Before grabbing your favourite mouth-watering chocolate bar, you must be aware of which chocolate is good for your health! Always choose chocolates from reputed brands and avoid cheap chocolate as cheaper ones are normally low in chocolate solids and higher in sugar content and saturated fats! These can be harmful to your health!

NEXT, the ground rule here is that ONLY dark chocolate is healthy!

Not milk chocolate, not white chocolate nor any combination in between! The milk added to milk chocolate will interfere with your body's ability to absorb beneficial antioxidants in the chocolate and hence, it is LESS FUNCTIONAL and DETERIORATING! On the other hand, white chocolate DO NOT contain cocoa AT ALL!!! It's just simply a health-zapping mix of pasteurized milk and sugar which is even more DISASTROUS to your health!

What more can I say now? You don't need me to tell you how delicious and tempting is chocolate, isn't it? Chocoholics, you can now boost your health by munching on your favourite healthy chocolate bar!


P/S : BTW, this post is specially dedicated to AMY!!! You know who you are!!! =P


Hilda Milda™ said...

But I never like dark choc ):

k~^|n said...

oopss...i'm going to eat chocolate everyday..haha

ken said...

i also dun like dark choc =)

HenRy LeE ® said...

like really really? thanks for the tips! :D

Ronnie said...

will try to get dark chocolate from the mart later !

Nana Lana said...

@hilda & @ken

me neither, perhaps tats d trick of it. due to the not-so-good-taste, tend to take lesser, which means lower risk of getting sick.. LOL

bt shall love it soon! =P

@kevin @ronnie send me a jar! thank you!

@munkey, like cheating cheating? LOL


Jaerragus said...

Hmm... all i know is... I FREAKIN LOVE DARK CHOCOLATE!!! They aren't that sweet or maybe I just love d bitter sweetness of it... dang, I'm weird....

Maxloon120 said...

Hahah, just now my friend he read this post too using my laptop.. He said, "chocolate can loss weight?sure or not?if can, i surely eat everyday.." Hahahah XD

Nana Lana said...

@jae, its nice in a way. bt i i do tk a lot, kinda bitter ady! haha!

@max, by *MODERATION* ! say... like... a biteful for each day! DARK CHOC. not any MILK/WHITE CHOC ya! n be sure nt those processed cheapy dark choc! =P

well, apparently... 1.5 ounce per day? XD not to lose ur weight in a super exaggerating way lar!

frm d post, i've read that by taking a biteful of it before meal, it tends to prevent u frm binging after meal. perhaps tats hw it wrks. but if u do binge without moderation, gotta say sorrrrrry ady! haha!

Evie said...

thanks for the info..good thing is, I LOVE dark choc!!! =D