Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Elvis... [Dear John]

Just a random post-up...

Few days back, I had a dream. A dream in which I've queued up for getting my *zui-kuey* but it was all sold-out by the time I've reached my turn to get it.

In waking up from the dream the very next morning, No, I should say... I was waken up by my mum to have my *zui-kuey* for breakfast while I was still having my time with beddie! LOL.

WELL, Do dream always come true?

Sorry for being naive here. LOL.

Just last night, I had another dream. A peculiar one, I should say.

It's been YEARS since I've last met HIM. And it wasn't that I had a lot of talkings and braggings with HIM neither. I barely know HIM. I would call him as ELVIS if I were to give him a nick.

He just gave me that breeze of feel the moment I first saw him. He's da friend of my friends. A Secondary Friend and yet I must say perhaps, he's a friend too? LOL. Coz we were not being introduced by my friends. LMAO. Somehow, we did not get in touch with each other lar.

And so, why the hell is HE appearing in my dream?

Curiosity kills the cat. I've digged the curiosity out from me and started to get the *detective* out from me to find out things that I could from his Bloggie. LOL. Nah, he's not in my BlogList. LOL.

Well, he's doing fine with a lass I suppose. LOL. He's a big catch I should say. He's way a sporting, humorous, and fun-to-be-with kind of guy. BUT, NO, I've never seen that side of him personally, seriously. LOL. I was way too conservative and believe me not, I don't speak much to guys in-person. LOL. That was me way back to those shyshy times...

If I've managed to get the *zui kuey* which I've failed in my dreams, so what about ELVIS's dream? What do I get from it? Owh.

I'm leaving. I'm leaving for Selangor soon. LOL. BYEBYE JB.

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