Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Campus Marathon

Date : 25th of July 2010

Event : Campus Marathon

Venue : UPM, Serdang

And so, for once and again, I've signed up for UPM Campus Marathon! My previous run was like 4 sems ago... LOL...

Now you see, how "striking" is my college's Tee huh! Neon Green! OMG! BTW, it doesn't really s*cks that much huh? I do looked quite cool in it! Don't cha think so? LOL!

Some random photos! (posed a lot!!! LOL!!! But i aint's having those pics just YET!!!)

The guys set off first! (Poor Pix here..)

Take One : Act Cool

Take Two : Smile

Fancy some massagings after da run? =P

Number 413 out of thousands of runners, not bad lar! buahaha!

All in all, just another random run of the year! 'Coz I love sweating! LOL! It's healthy what! Was thinking to join another Cycling event but ain't having any bicycle and it's been like YEARS since I last cycled! LOL! (Powered by POWERBAR)

Anyways, till then!

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j@e__*j@e_y^..^siLveR said...

i wan exercise too ah....but susah..haha...since da day move many thi to new room til nw dou x do dao any exercises....~~omg...~~