Wednesday, June 2, 2010

R.AGE American Idol Contest

Something to share here. R.AGE ( TheStar Paper ) is organizing a competition for all American Idol fanatics out there.

Interesting huh?

Well, apparently, I have been busy having my own self-shots done all by myself. LOL.

If you're just gaga like me, why not but to give it a try out heh?

Now, dress up as a former American Idol contestant, take a picture of yourself and send it to

---> ( with the title : American Idol Craze )

REMEMBER, send in your entries by this weekend yea! (June, 6th)

Here, some really great singers! I know I've missed out some but I'm sure you know who they are! =)


Even Ryan Seacrest went all out for Sanjaya! OH NO Ryan, don't fight with us for the prizes will cha? PLEASEEEE... LOL

To spice up your pic even more, why not but to give it a go at any former contestants/auditioners that left a vivid memory on you/everybody? Like....

Or perhaps by impersonating some fancy American Idol Judges?

>CLICK HERE< for more details =)

Winners are entitled to a Goodie Bag filled with :

- an American Idol T-shirt
- ONE copy of Alison Iraheta, Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen's debut albums
- and a RM100 CD hamper from Sony Music!

For the debut album, ain't sure of whether each goodie bag will have all the debuts or just one of the above-mentioned. =)


So, what are you waiting for?

Get your costumes and camera ready!

SHOOT all the way to your Goodie Bag! Weeee!

ALL THE BEST!!! See, I'm sharing you guys the chances! Huhu, and the slimmer will be the chances for me to grab my prizes!!!?!!!!??!!?? LOL

Let's CRAZE it all out!!! Let's go bananas!!!

P/S : This is not an advertorial and I'm not paid lar. LOL. Just sharing with Nana Lana's readers yea... LOL.


jfook said...

The prize doesn't worth all the dressing up. hahaha

Jaerragus said...

Haha.. it's a crazy show...

Nana Lana said...

LOL. u dun spent on those dressin up(s) man. it's all in ur wardrobe. LOL. a mis-mix-n-match


n i din even spend a penny on it. be "creative" =)

ohmywtf said...

i wanna see urs first!! :-P

Kristy Anne Nunis said...