Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just a little or two thoughts that have been depressing deep within me these (TWO) days.

It's sorta a lil bit different from what it used to be.

I don't know.

Who are really "The One(s)" I can turn to?

For last sem, I've found "The One" whom I can really shed my tears with. I cherish her. I do. But I don't really portray it. I wanna change her to be more outgoing so that she can mix with the others.

For the "others", I'm having my doubts now. Of whom I can really trust. Of whom I can turn to. Perhaps, keeping it all to myself is the best thing.

The "eyes". Sort of dismantling me into thousands and millions of pieces. I'm speechless.

If you're asking me whom do I belong to, sorry, I can't give you an answer 'coz I don't even know myself. Being neutral is the best thing, EVER.

I just wanted to have a carefree socialization. Wanted everybody to be happy. No hatred. I just want it to be. I'll be looking forward.

Changes to a better tomorrow. Perhaps.Justify Full


shmily said...

nana...dun worry be happy,
if you want bacteria or virus can come over me,babey! LOL kidding XD
Things will happen naturally, just do what you want to do and feel right with it =)

Anonymous said...


Nana Lana said...

hey, thanks people~