Monday, December 21, 2009

Singapore '09 Trip

"Saturday & Sunday I have no time for others one. You know why? [giggles] Because I need to spare my time for.... MY DARLING!!! YOU!!! [giggles]"

Been witnessing all the huggies and kissings of the two middle-aged while waiting to reach my destination in the MRT.

Others were like "OMG" too when they heard the sound of the mice/rats squeaking/screeching! (Sounds emitted by kissing?) LoLx!!!

The "F" is not a local. She was like stealing kisses from the "M". Hahaz~

All those mushy actions and words... Erm... Shouldn't they just leave it till they're alone? Hahaz~ Saw one passenger on board rolling her eyes too! Buahaha!

And finally, they alighted at A.M.K. =)))

On reaching City Hall, the three of us (Me, My Aunt & Jaime) went exploring since it's our very first time in the hope of getting to Merlion City before Orchard Road. We did it! Hehe!

Here are some of the shots taken throughout the route taken to Esplanade...

Merlion City...

Orchard Road...

Again, I've somehow made a simple wish on the "Balloon" at ION Mall. Last year it was at Suntec City Mall tho... Hehe!

The Balloons will be floating at Merlion City! Saw those balloons appearing as little whitish dots??? They are the ones! LoLx!

The three towers there will be the future Casino! LoLx~

Christmas Tree decor by Ferrero Rocher Chocolate~

Seems like Reindeers' this year's "ambassador" for Singapore's Christmas! What will be for next Christmas? Watch out! Hehe!

Did not really snap adequate decors around for this time cause of time constaints. Missed out those night atmosphere with lightings playing around for a better *feel*. Gaga~

Butta, overall, it was nice to be there again~ XD


Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

enjoy ur holidays ya! ^^

Nana Lana said...

yea~thanks yea!

enjoys urs too yea otou it's goin to endz soon~ wuwu~~~