Sunday, January 3, 2010

Countdown to 2010

And so, this will be my very first ever countdown with friends!!! Overall, it was a nice experience!

Crowded as it might be, and that's just the thing about it! The crowd makes the day as it should be, huh!

I don't regret going. I don't mind having another. It's all about people. It's all about the fun of sharing. =)

From afar, sitting on a partition, trying to keep myself stabilize at all times ; just in case I fell off it, I saw Bosco Wong (HK celeb) ; I saw Rynn Lim ; I saw other unknown-artistes. LoLx. Of all, I still prefer see-ing dances as it makes me move to the beat although I'm just an amateur dancer. Or perhaps, worser than an amateur! Haha! *Shiok sendiri*

May the new year brings more hopes and chances for me and you to excel in everything that we indulge in!

(He dances well tho~LoLx)

Happy New Year!

More Photos to be uploaded soon~ XD

Sneak Preview :
Thai's Chin Hua at Sg.Wang XD

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