Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PizzaHut Voucher


Just an update!

And finally....

My voucher from FoodStreet is here in my hands!

I'm saving it for Christmas!



jfook said...

Two reasons you should come to Kuching with the two vouchers
First- I'm here in Kuching. And Elaine, Anne, Shu Pin are here too. Shierly can always travel from Sibu to Kuching too. Li Wern as well. Not to forget about Alan- who is living in Labuan.
Second- Kuching's pizza hut offers better service. Kah Kooi, Kee Hui and Chin Tuan can prove it

Nana Lana said...


me, alone, flying all d way to Kuching for Pizza? LoLx!

Hv to use it by this month lar~ lolx! That's why, for this time, it's for my lil ones back home! hehe!

I'll try to win more next time round~ hahaz!