Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Face

Here you go, I'm giving my Bloggie a brand new look!

Took me roughly 2 hours in choosing a background and finalizing everything. LoLx.

Shall update about what's been happening around soon~

Till then



jfook said...

Still black black leh. :) LOL

j@e__*j@e_y^..^siLveR said...

seem lk bit bit dfren^^

jacqueline said...

how did you do this??? I suck in html man... teach me.=)

Nana Lana said...

realli? weird...

wen i viewed, it was okay leh~

i'll try again~ should be sorta dried leaves style~lolx~brownish~


joey, wat u saw? lolx~

jacqie~how bout u? u saw brownish backgrnd? hahaz~

i'll tell u wen we're both online in msn someday! hehe! enjoy ur genting trip! hehe!

jacqueline said...

yeah, i saw the background. AHHHH!!! i just cant get it! I cant get the one i want laaa.....=(

Nana Lana said...

u mean in choosing ur design? lolx~ take ur time lar~ if u realli wanna choose, there r REALLY A LOT out there man! so, i juz made up my mind since i only noe hw to use html code instead of dl-ing n uploading it back. lolx~ =)

or perhaps, u design ur own lar~ hehe~ d link i gave u got tch bt i hv yet to try it out. perhaps wen im realli realli free~~~ hahaz!