Sunday, December 6, 2009



The day I went shopping at City Square, JB with my Ex-Pre-U School Gals~

Prior to meeting the girls, I shopped for a gift as well as.... something in the process of a wardrobe-change~ LoLx... But I guess the "change" won;t be too drastic tho.. Kaka..

Upon meeting them, my legs were at the edge of breaking into millions and billions and trillions of pieces... OKAY, I know I'm EXAGGERATING... Bahaha...

In the midst of my shopping, received a call from Jacq.Ng for a Ex-Primary School Gathering... and so, I went for it! LoLx! It was nice to be meeting old friends again! Gosh, my Malay S***S now compared to my Secondary School times. Gotta brush up! Whoosssskaaa!!!

Gathering at... "Roost"... I like the concept there... Although my Banana Queen beverage tasted a bit *weird* hahaz!

The Gurlssss....
(with Jacq.Ng as photographer)

All the gurls had transformed... I'm getting sooo jealous with their almost-flawless skins... wuwuwu... How I wished mine will be like theirs' too~ Duh... Stupiak acne scars and *fresh* pimples... LaLeLiLoLu.... Lalala...

I bet I'm giving the Ex-Pre-U Gathering a miss this time, again. =)

On the contrary, I'm actually more looking forward for the all-girls-gathering for SKPYA!!! I can't wait to see their transformation for yet again (those who were not present for the last gathering)!

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