Friday, December 18, 2009

Jacklyn's Believe It Or Not

This is a story about a girl named...


And the story begins...

She was told that in her last life, she'd been so wicked and cruel towards the people...

She was once someone who...

*** walloped her parents, the elderly...

*** broke the limbs of the youngs...

*** swindled people's money with unscrupulous means...

*** 's too powerful

She was just totally INHUMAN in her last life...

With the speculation of her Chinese-8-Characters/Digits, in this life, she will be struck with THREE obstacles. One in her childhood time, One in her middle-aged time, and the last One will be during her old-age.

The *MAN* said "You are a bright girl. You can get what I mean."

She was being advised to somehow, do something to make amends.

*** Be fostered to the Goddess Of Mercy
( She was once told about it too but did nothing... )

*** Donate blood once a year
( Gosh. The Haematology Lab Assistant had a REALLY HARD time taking my blood,
let alone to donate ~450 mL of blood...)

*** Donates more

She was told that in this life, she may have the potential to make money BUT all her fortune will be gone and she will own NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL if she's unrepentant. Of all of the wrongdoings in her PAST LIFE.

She was told... She can own everything she'd ever wanted BUT the only thing that she should worry about is... HAVING NO HUSBAND... NO SPOUSE...!!!
( GOSH....I burst out in laughter! )

She was told that she can dates but... I shouldn't repeat it again~

All these may be a myth but it's always good to play it safe than to be sorry if things are really that accurate.


Throughout the journey back to JB, things were really playing on my mind.

Being told that one of the obstacles in my life will be in my childhood times. It happened. I broke my left leg while failing to cross the roads safely.
(~Retribution IF I did really broke the limbs of young children in my Last Life~)

Next...In my middle-aged times... Perhaps, being cheated of all my fortune!
(~Retribution for swindling people's money in my Last Life~)

In my old-age... Illnesses befall...
(~Retribution for beating up the elderly in my Last Life~)


Let bygones be bygones...

Let the past be the motivation in my new life.

I shall look forward for tomorrow and do more good deeds.

Forgive and Forget.

Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.

P/S : Some may not believe in these kinds of things. I'm just posting this up with no intention to make you believe in me.


j@e__*j@e_y^..^siLveR said...

u go fortune teller?
x accurate d la...dun believe too mucH..hehe^^

Nana Lana said...

i din go~ my sis go~

nt fortune teller bt erm... duno hw to say~ lolx~

den i juz shunbian onli~keke

din ask anythg, juz listen to his story~lolx~

bt got sth he realli said it rite lar~keke~

ai, duno lar~ cant 100% believe until it reali happens. perhaps.

奶茶 said...

dun worry~~~ be happy~~~
u will be fine... no perhaps...sure fine...

Nana Lana said...


thanks yea~ hehe~