Saturday, December 19, 2009

Waterproof AquaPix

And finally, I've gotten my First-Ever-Self-Paid-Waterproof AquaPix-Lomo Camera!!!

Met up with Ms.Hazel to get it tho~

It comes with a 36 pcs 200 KODAK Gold Film.

I've been aiming a few Lomo Cameras but I just couldn't make up my mind on which one to get. LoLx.

It's all about "F-I-L-M-s" if I do really want to test my skills.

But for now, I'll just go for the Waterproof AquaPix ones first. Keke.

* Uses 35mm Films

* No batteries needed
* Can dives up to 3 Metres
* Can be used for lifetme but it'll all depends on how you handle it~

~~~My Toy Camera~~~

Some successful shots taken by other users~

Wanted the LIME/YELLOW colour ones to make it more toy-like butta ended up with the ever White one~

Was also aiming for Holga 135 BC Set (with Fish-eye lens, Holga 12MFC Color Flash, and Shutter Release Cable) or non-BC. Butta~ waiting for advices~ XD

OH MAN!!! Just went browsing for Lomo Cameras Photos and came to know there's a newly launched LOMO CAM!!! Ultra Wide & Slim series (UWS). It's Gold & Silver (Harikin , Kumagin) in colour~ My oh My~ So tempting~ hahaz! Glad that I did not persist on the White UWS. =))) They make a good Christmas gift tho. Owww...

LUBITEL Lomo Camera is simply awesome! It's about 1K man! I can get a really GOOD Digital Camera ady~ LoLx! Blackbird FLY is of similar design with numerous funky colours~ Their effects are simply incredible as well!!! My oh My!!!

BlackBird FLY

For digital lomo (no films needed), I'm actually aiming for either the limited edition MINIMO or NicoDigi or perhaps, VQ1015??? They are all keychain-sized! Incredible huh!!! Iwished there's really someone out there who can share his/her views on them. Perhaps it's all about personal preferences but it'll be good if I do get a lil or two advices. =)



Apart from the Digital Lomo, the others are all Film Cameras. It is inevitable that in the long run, Film camera is costly and not that practical enough. But, it's all about the fun and excitement while waiting to see your skill's result huh... For Lomo Cam Geeks lar~

CLICK HERE for more Lomo Camera

CLICK HERE for more Incredibly Cute Lomo Cameras

And for now~ I have TWO Toy Cameras~ The other one was bought few years back tho~ LoLx~ It was a Limited Edition Polaroid Planet Apes Instant Camera~ Shall upload the pic of it someday~ Hahaz! Lazy to plug in my memory card. Hehe~

WOKAY~ Some of you out there may be thinking that I'm actually wasting my $$$ on them. You may be wondering, Why don't I just get myself a digital cam and that's it? Grrr...
Everyone will surely has their very own interest right. AND for me, although ignorant, camera and photography are just simply the *things* that make me ~happy~. Hahaz! My investment for my very own satisfaction. =)))

I wished I had a DSLR but the accessories do really cause a fortune if I were to be engrossed in them! Perhaps when I really have the ability to earn stable incomes by my own feet & hands! LoLx! Then, I might consider one without much hesitation!?! XD

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