Sunday, January 18, 2009

Work It Out !!!

"There she goes...
There she goes again...
Racing thru my brain...
And I just can't contain...
This feeling that remains..."

Yep, hey hey, I'm here again! With photos of the week! Well, I'll say it first that today, Sunday will be counted as a NEW week and so, I'll be basically talking about the past week!

Last week, been really busy with dance practices, assignments, lab reports (was there any? I've forgotten!), ball games, shoppings???, etc and etc... I can just hardly grasp a breath. HaaHaa! Not that exaggerating though. Blah Blah Blah...

Okay, here, some random and random and super duperly random snapshots... Hmm... This exaltation of me, myself and I, yea, me, no doubt, for being too engrossed into nondescript wordings will be most probably driving you away from this post huh? Wakaka!

Okaylar, last week, erm... I guess it was Friday??? Yea, it was, I went jogging for the very first time ever since I've stepped into my hostel-a.k.a.-Faculty's acres of land.. Haahaa! With Kee Hui da Kaki Panjang, wakaka! We've even climbed up the slopes and sang our hearts out. Well, apparently, did not even sing our hearts out lar, Wahaha! wth.

Here, this is what we can see when we're up the slope.

Part of my faculty.

After the joggings, we went for badminton game, yea, BADMINTON, alright... The one you play with racquet, you know??? WAHAHAHAHA! Okay, I'm really getting out of my head already. Ain't knowing why. Just let me be. As if anyone will be reading till this far. Wahaha! Blah Blah Blah...


Now... What's for now??? Okay, as you know, I've joined Tennis for my co-curricular activity this very semester, yaya, the one you play with a racquet too! Haahaa! But ya' know right, both racquets AREN'T the SAME!!! Wahahahaha! Ok, I'm an idiot. Alright. Neh.

So, ya, well... hm... My facilitator is GOOD, erm, well, not as suave and cool as my previous THEATER facilitator though. But again, I've gotten myself a FACI who's kinda... kind to me yet again! WAHAHA! How LUCKY AM I, huh??? I WANT an A again!!!

And so, my main point here is that...

Aurora, oh Aurora... When you're not showing yourself, Me and my crazy coursemate went searching for you, where were you when we get to the tennis court? WAHAHAHAHA! Okay, am getting idiotic yet again. BUBU.

Even before daybreak, Dinosaur came to my house and we went for "early-morning-tennis-game" at K17's tennis court!!! Haha! It was cool although I wasn't really getting my hands at it. I'm STILL an AMATEUR player what. Someday, I'm gonna be GOOD. Haahaa!


DayBreak (P/S : Can u see someone in this pic? Creepy???)



Hm, these two days, da weekends, K17's having SUKANEKA and for today, I've managed to join in two of the activities so far (TO GET MERITS!!! I DON'T WANNA BE KICKED OUT FROM COLLEGE!!! I'M NOT A BALL TO BE KICKED!!! WAHAHAHA! -LAME-).

First, it was aerobic exercise led by Vivian da Vet, somehow, I kinda like her looks. Haahaa! Shhhh.... I'm not a les lar... But people DO change. Who knows? Wakakakaka! Senseless again. Boring right. Duh.... no photos.. actually got lar but I prefer the video taken! Haha! Of my Ms.Dinosaur, shakey shakey boom boom!!! (can't be publicized without her consent though! Heehee!)

Next, we went for FREE BREAKFAST of Kampung Fried Rice and Tea/Teh Tarik/Syrups Drinks.

Having our tummy bloated with the UNLIMITED consumption (I took 1 plate only lar~), we continue with the second activity, "Tabur Baja", or better known as PLANTING lar... There, some random pictures taken!

Harry Potter Is In Town!!!

Ms.Apek(s) In Town lar... Haahaa!

The TOOLS...

The guys, working out...

Ai Ai in ACTION !!!

All in all, a fun and yet tiring day of the week... (The Starting of This Week)... Perhaps I shall join more of these types of activities. It's fun in a way. Especially having all the fun with my peers... Hurray... Cheers for you people!!!
My College,
My Block,
Block A....


dinosour said...

wakakakakaka........where got DINOSAUR?????? but it is good that not to post the video without permission...... and at the tennis court one,i really dont know who is it woh.........huhuhuhuhuuh........

Nana Lana said...


nextime u say OK den I jiu can entertain ppl in my blog le!


mayb ah-mu watch le, wil b not so ah-mu, keke!

jk jk

TENNIS COURT??? NoNo lo! wahahaha!