Thursday, January 1, 2009

Inaudible Squeaks

No updates for saying Bye-Bye-Bye to Year 2008, and shall I welcome Year 2009 with my inaudible ushers?

Duh… It’s not my year, it’s just not my day. Every year, I would just sit at home and watch Singapore’s channel for their countdown in Vivocity… With lotsa hot celebrities belting out some funky new year songs or just any popular poppy sexy songs. Haahaa. That will be all I’ll be doing for welcoming every single brand new year for a brand new beginning.

This year, it’s totally boring for me. Did not join my peers for the countdown at Bukit Bintang nor staying awake for the new year! Yea, I slept before midnight. I slept on the 31st of December 2008 and not the 1st of January 2009! Wahaha! Crapz.

Wishes for the year? I carved them on the balloons in Singapore man! Heehee! Hope that they’ll be realised.

Okay, been out lately. Spent a lot. I shall control splurging on unnecessary stuffs now. A must. Tomorrow will be my last outing with my peers until this semester ended. Is that possible? Try me. If I broke my word for that, come on, pinch me till I bleed. Whoaaa… If only you DARE to… Wakaka.

Really, see, I really got no mood to blog ady. Man, gosh, cat, dog, chicken, cow, goat, bubu! I wanna see how my Mondays will be like… A total torture.

I wanna see when I’m gonna faint.

I wanna see how it feels like having to attend lectures with seniors.

Wakaka. Ewww…..


Anonymous said...

and you'll feel how it'll be like to have me watching over your practical sessions :P

Nana Lana said...

oh, u'll be supervising us?

okay, don't supervise me or else, i'll make more mistakes!

so, do me a favour please...


Anonymous said...

people learn from mistakes so ill be supervising you to make sure you learn more :P

Nana Lana said...

*slaps forehead*