Friday, January 16, 2009

Celebration yo, Come On!

If you DO really wanna know, I would say, I would definitely say I OPT for the BioMed-Chineses-CNY Celebration atmosphere over the Chinese Annual Dinner (CAD) Night held last semester. Why do I say that? It was probably because, we have enjoyed ourselves to the fullest (me & my peers) that we went singing and dancing away in the house! Wakaka!

Date : 15.01.2009

In BioMed, UPM's so-called "tradition", there will always be CNY-Reunion Dinner being held to foster bonds between seniors and juniors.But the problem is.... Are the bonds really working out or was it just a remark? Kakaka, well, for me, I only DO DARE to approach some FAMILIAR SOULS, yes, SOULS and not FACES! Understand? Haahaa!
As usual, there will always be dancing for entertainment and for this time round, a round of applause for those new recruited members!!! The guys... haahaahaahaa!!! Yea, I was involved in this dancing thingie thing too. Haahaa!

This is one of the videoclips I managed to grab from Apple. Wahaha!

Or else, feel free to drop by the link below for probably a clearer video...


I really had my fun for once again! This semester, I bet this will be the most memorable event, ever. Heehee!

Tried uploading photos for the day but I FAILED to do so, ain;t having any ideas of what's wrong with Blogger or perhaps, the connection!

Be back with some photos soon!

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