Friday, January 23, 2009

Class Project

We are actually doing the cell membrane model for Physiology lab today anyways...
Well, apparently, I cabut-ed earlier just for this post before I leave for Plaza Rakyat to catch my bus, and for sure, Petaling Street to get some goodies, probably...! Haahaa!
The worm-like straws...

The Ping Pong Balls...

The lipids ??? Haahaa! Obviously, it doesn't looks like a Sperm model, kuakuakua! Or perhaps, it looks like... well, I don't know what it looks like either. Haahaa! Okay, am crazy and yet boring here.

People, working together...

How disorganized !!! Improve on that, people!

And somehow, some of us really get idle and prefer to read the papers? No wrong for doing that... Time is precious what... Read newspaper, not bad either lar... Haahaa!

Till then,
Happy Chinese New Year!


prakash said...

~Happy Lunar New Year Jac~

JUN_HONG said...

sperm?? tat sperm head like very brain cancer...haha...
this sem i hav bio...learning about DNA...confused...i think will die soon...hehe...anyway, wish you happy 牛 year..

jfook said...

Heyya..Seriously, it's such a relief I'm not involved in this membrane thing. LOL. It's so damn freaking LAME!!~~Buying ping pong balls and straws, imitating the Fluid-Mosaic Model huh?? LOL Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Nana Lana said...

Pra Pra :

Hapeeee Chinese Lunar New Year to u too! Haahaa!

Thanks for droppin' by!

Jun Hong :

I already said "obviously not a sperm model" watz.. Cell membrane Fluid Mosaic Model ah... like wat we've learnt back in sec.sch, haha!

Genetics, last sem i took ady, should be okay for u de, dun worry, very basic things lar, GOOD LUCK ooo!

Happy 牛 Year to u too!

Jun Fook :

but.. u've missed out sumthg tho'..

the fun of poking the balls????

hahahaah! wadda.... hehe! EXTREMELY LAME lor... tats y i cabut-ed..haha!

Happeeee Chinese New Year to u too!

***winks to ALL***