Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm Back, UPM.

Yeah, looking at the title alone you'll know what I mean. I'm officially back to where I live with my peers. I'm officially back to K-17. This time round, I was arranged to a new house, a new room, where it seems like MILES away to my faculty (actually within walking distance lar). Gosh... It's so far-away... Bubu.
Sent by my parents, having them to help me unpack my stuffs, clean up my so-called "apartment" and then, accompanied me UNTIL my housemate, Elaine reached. Keke. Frankly, I wasn't brave enough to stay all ALONE in the house neither. Wakaka.
With the floor mat left by the previous "resident", my room was not that bad though. It felt home-ly. Room-ly. Haahaa! I wonder if SHE will asks for it back or not? Huh? I mean the mat. *grins*
Wokay, it's time to get a plastic bag and cover up my face now! Boys and Girls, it's time to SUFFOCATE yourselves! WAKAKAKA! Okaylar, it really wasn't that appropriate for me to say that but... somehow... I just felt the studying-sensation is somehow quite suffocating at times. Ewww..... Biuuu..... Bah......
P/S : I gotta miss you, Dinosaur! Your laughter, your acts, your jokes which kind of making me happy each time they were brought out from you!

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