Friday, November 6, 2009


I'm not Yayying for my testies...examsss...or whatsoever about my Academics but I'm just simply Yayying for my coming up tripsssss!!! lalala!!! Well, who said that I can't join them? It's all up to me to decide whether I want to join or not~ gaga~ Feeling quite guilty for giving up the other trip, making them kinda... lalala~

Haematology's paper coming up soon! Gosh! Have yet to do sufficient revisions! I'm lagging in this Sem, hope that I'll be more "hardworking" the coming sem... wuwuwu.. T.T

Arrr, I've read that forum! It's here! It's finally here!!! I can't wait!!! I just simply can't wait for another second! My oh My!!! On the other hand, I felt that I'm gonna be so heartbroken and disappointed when they're right here before my eyes. However, I'm gonna treat it as my own fault for letting them to be here... Please, I don't wanna be disappointed. Gaga... (I'm really having the feeling of the possible disappointment man...)


eredia said...

haha u always hide any details by using 'lalala~'
how r we normal sane ppl supposed to understand u??

shmily said...

hahahah..ya, i also notice that..hahah

Nana Lana said...


notice wat? my lalala???

hehe, tats meeee looooo~~~ hehehe!!!


nana lana will be on action now!!!