Sunday, November 1, 2009


She's so bad!!! She'd made that dress as her primary photo as she knew that I'll be sooooo tempted to get my hands on it! Gosh, I can't although it's one of my favourite~ Gosh... Gosh... Oh my God...

I can't spend on clothes now! At the very moment.... coz..... AHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Get tuned if ya' wanna know! I bet I'll most probably get back to post about it next week! LoLx!!!

Till then!!!

(p/s : The dress I meant is the one Song Hye Kyo wore in my previous post... the grey top v red flowery bottom..lolx~ although i might not look good in it, well, to me, it doesn't matter coz..............i can pass it on to my girls back home! buahahaha! 3 of them some more neh~lolx)

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