Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm feeling so bloated right now. Blogging while uploading my photos in FB. LoLx. Not much photos taken tho. But still okay lar... Gotta camwhore more in my next outing! Haha!

Went for "A Christmas Carol" today and was kinda disappointed as the storyline wasn't as interesting as "The Grinch" !!! Haha!!! Or perhaps, wasn't as touching as "The Extra Terrestrial". Luckily, it's a movie day for Cathay Cinema for the day~ Gaga~One thing, the movie kinda make me jump from my seat tho~ Eww...

COMMA is having a damn freaking BIG SALE, perhaps, CLEARANCE SALES as I've seen those designs MONTHS back, but who cares so long as THE PRICE IS RIGHT for students LIKE ME! Buahaha! Man, I sounded AS IF I've shopped a lot from Comma or better known as Labelz. Apparently, had my eyes on a few items butta I gotta wait for my next visit! Perhaps, dragging my sisters and get some for them as well? LoLx. Cheap whatz... Haha!

Fabiano Ricco... Gosh... My Fav *shoes* Outlet in JB although the quality is just so-so~ I can hardly find a PROPER outlet in KL man... For, at least, I saw the love of my life when I went for window shopping today~ Thinking if I shall get it or perhaps, them~ Keke~ Let me whine for another second yea~ hehe!

What's for Dinner?

Steamboat at Once More Cafe~ Somewhere near Leisure Mall~ Apparently, if you're a gourmet, I wouldn't recommend it~ Buahaha~ But if you're just another camwhorer like me, perhaps, you shall give it a shot to pay a visit there. LoLx.

The presentation of the food was "okay" but I like the presentation of their TEA instead! Buahaha! Exquisite. Special. *Grins*

Here's our Personal Steamboat. Damn HUGE Serving!

My Milk Steamboat

Joey's Gimchee Steamboat

Wendy's Seafood Steamboat

Dessert : Pudding (comes with set)

Diners of The Day =)))


j@e__*j@e_y^..^siLveR said...

o...Xmas cArol...lucky juz movie day...iF x..wasted my $$..haha

o..yaya..tat commA....i so like it mah..haha....i have "shou huo" o..

BUt tat so oly lol...i cn fnis it lei...except da rice la...haha..u lg geng..^^

Nana Lana said...

lolx~ last night i went again but bog nothing~ kakaka! stil gotta wait til nex week tho~

dun wes food mah~ hahaha!!!

bt realli..i add ur gimchee soup v my milk soup, x bad ar d taste~ hehe!