Sunday, November 22, 2009

*Kakiku Kaku*

Have been standing on my feet for almost 8 hours a day these 2 days in promoting the so called F&N Magnolia Milk~ Frankly... I don't even like the 3 flavours that I have been promoting for! LoLx... They are basically the Doubled-Calcium Milk, Chocolate Fresh Milk and the Oats Fresh Milk~

Kakiku really went kaku after these two days. No mood No mood. Apparently, my mood had been killed by the pain in my knees. Tired Tired. wanted to find somebody to chat to online but... The pains are just demolishing my mood away and shooed me to my bed~

As usual... Uncles, Aunties are speaking to me in Malay, for YET AGAIN. Okaylar... Even the supplier/full time promoter (aunties) all thought that I was a "MALAY" girl and they were like sorta hesitating to talk to ME until one auntie braved up and came up to me to sorta having me to answer their quests. LoLx.

There was this one very Uncle... Who kept on looking at me until I SPEAK to him in MANDARIN... And he went "Oh, I thought you were not a Chinese, or perhaps a mix or whatsoever. That's why I did not dare to speak first"..... Wadda.... Oklar~ Many other customers were like him too~ lolx~


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Anonymous said...

You do look a bit mix lor... But mix with some other err... Asian descent. :)