Monday, November 30, 2009

(pre) *FREE* Large Supreme Pizza Post


Last week, I've uploaded a photo of the so-called *Secretive*Girls* to participate in a Hooray Contest of Long-School-Holiday. What I have to do was/were to just DINE.SNAP.SHARE.WIN the Prize!

This is the entry photo... LoLx...

Although my photo did not get the most votes to be entitled for the top 3 photos, but somehow I felt soooo much contented when I'd received a Personal Message (PM) from the authorised person informing me that the photo of mine was entitled a Large Supreme Pizza from Pizza Hut.

I was sorta bewildered. At that point of time, I was being convinced that the photo was one of their favourites and there will always be something extra for the entry they like most. LoLx. Happy. Happy. Really am. How I wished the girls in the photo are with me to share the PIZZA... Come, Come, Fly To ME!!!

In anticipation for the Voucher... LoLx...

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