Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tebrau City - JUSCO Day

Received a call from my aunt and then shooo.... Accompanied her to Tebrau City Jusco for the Jusco Day! Haha! Haha! Hahaha! Hm, at the end of our shopping, I've ended up with 5 Tee(s) and a shorts. Kuakuakua, the queue was really outrageously, terribly, long! I almost fainted amidst the crowd. Goshhh...
Guess what, I think I saw one third-year senior of mine, a guy, Sue Qie's Buddy, Shirley's Super Buddy! Er, his name? No idea! Haha! If my eyes were not playing a fool on me, I think I saw him in an electricity-brand-kind-of-uniform, was he doing a part time job? In Jusco? Saw him twice, once in Jusco and another time was outside Vivo (I was waiting for my aunt while he walked past) Wahaha!
After shopping, we went for Curry Fish Head in Johor Jaya, oh, really nice! They don't use santan! Instead of that, they used fresh evaporated milk! 'Ya shall try it some day! (Johorians)
So, what's coming up next in my holiday-schedule? Watch out! Coming soon!


Anonymous said...

I wanna eat too.. Bungkus balik for me ya

Nana Lana said...


mana can bungkus?
by d time i rch kl, sudah hangus!