Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3 Days 2 Nights

Every year (year end), my maternal side family will always have a family gathering in celebrating my grandmother’s birthday. This time round, it was a trip to Pangkor Island but I doubted that my grandmother enjoyed it due to some particular reasons. Ain’t revealing it here though. We drove there, 3 cars, 15 people. As for my very own family, it was just my mum, my elder sister and me who joined the trip. The rest of my family stayed back in JB because of limited seats as my dad was unable to follow us and that my 4th sis was having her SPM examination.

Although the car was moving, that did not deter me from getting my snapshots. Along the route to Lumut Waterfront, we passed by many paddy fields, palm oil plantations area, and so on. Upon reaching Lumut Wasterfront, I had a few snapping as well for the surroundings. As I was with the BIG family, it was kinda awkward for me to camwhore. Wahaha. What a pity!

The ferry ride was okay but prior to reaching I was actually feeling a bit uneasy as the ferry was really packed and I was like suffocating instead of having seasick! Hehe! However, the whole experience was not that bad either.

After laying our luggages in the apartment-styled-hotel-room and taking our bathe, we went for lunch. The men went looking out for a fishing boat out for rent while the ladies and the kids went to the beach for sight see-ing. Heehee. Frankly, the first impression that the beach gave me was really disappointing. It was probably because the beach was not as good as the piece of sandy beach that I once went for (Desaru) or perhaps, that very piece of beach that was the nearest to my hotel was not the best in Pangkor. Haha. For the first day, did not enjoy that much though because what we did was what we could do anywhere, even back to our very own home. Guess what, we’ve spent the whole night watching DVD after dinner while the men went for fishing. Sighhh.

Did not have a good-night-sleep for the first night there though. The next morning we were supposed to wake up early so that we do really get-active for the coming up activities. We’ve spent the morning having the island tour in a van-taxi until one something in the afternoon. We were brought to two temples, Hai Seng Him Satay Fish Factory, and many other beaches in Pangkor. That marked the end of our activities for the afternoon. Again, what we did after the island tour just simply buzz me off. DVD again. What a waste of time. It was only until late afternoon that we’ve decided to go for the sea-tour. Only eight for us went for it. For the first time in my life, I was in a speedboat and it was really cool to feel the breeze and have a deep breath of the refreshing air. And also, for the first time in my life for 20 years, I went for snorkelling, which was a total experience which made me felt contented in joining this trip. The snorkelling experience really freaked me out when I first get into the sea. It was only after a while when I managed to calm down a little bit, feeding the fishes, feeling the suckling of the fishes on my hand. Once again, it was really a cool and worthwhile experience. Kakaka.

Speedboat ride

Having fun in the sea after Snorkelling

We were also shown many other places in the sea-tour. Rocks which resemble certain creatures, statues, the lover trees, and many other interesting stuffie thingie things! That tourist guide even dive into the sea and let us see the corals, sea rambutans, sea cucumber (which I almost squeezed out its whitish “gel” when I grabbed it) an many other sea creatures.. Wakaka.

Back to the beach nearest to our hotel, the four of us, the youngsters, went for the sleeping/sitting banana boat ride. Erm, how to explain it... It was a float which can sits 4 persons, being pulled by a speedboat. As we hit the wave, we almost fell into the sea but luckily, we grabbed on tightly to the handles. As the sea water splashed on us, I couldn’t help but to keep on lamenting on the salty-ness of the water. Yiakkksss. All in all, I had my fun for the day!

Coming to the last day, we set off right after our breakfast and I thought that we will drop at Genting Highlands but we did not as those working adults need to work or the very next day. The last day marks the end of the day of me being abused by my mischievous cousin, Melvin. He always hits me, punches me, kicks me whenever he sees me. Bruises on me again, man... It was simply because I didn’t dare to complain to his parents nor am brave enough to scold him but even if I do scold him, he won’t give a damn to it. He’s 12 this year and acts as if he’s 6. OMG. Haha. But if I do get him something, he will be real obedient. He lives quite near to my U, just behind Macy. Heehee! On occasion, his family will brings me out but there were times when I rejected them due to the exam period. Sighhh...

In anticipation for the very next trip, be it with family members or friends. Heehee!
[many pics were not shown here due to the bad connection of my place! Bubu! May upload it someday if I do have the time to. Wakaka!]


j@e__*j@e_y^..^siLveR said...

wahhhh...xbah fun wif ur family yo^^
d sea xnice???desaru better? bcos desaru got many classmate mah?haha....act desaru sea oso xnice guo....,
umt seaside dou better lo,hahahaha...dun jealous me, i love umt seaside redi...hahahahaha,but i stil fel desaru mor mor better bcos....hahaha,sighhhh again>>

Nana Lana said...

mayb gua...
but duno, mayb din really observe da surroundings gua..

anvexr = raven + x said...

I also went there with my UM's friends but I didn't see you one? I went there on 18/11 - 20/11.

Nana Lana said...

anvexr, yameh? haha, i went on the 14th,15th and 16th lar,for sure u din c traces of me! wahahah!