Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hapz Holz !

With just a blink of the eyes, one semester passed just like that. How time flies! Knowing the friends here is not a mistake but somehow there's just something pulling me back but I just don't know what was that. Maybe I was just cheating on myself. I just need time to build a stable castle.

Wokay, ain't getting emo here.


Yippie Yay Yay

Yippie Yippie Yay
Yippie Yay Yay
Yippie Yippie Yay
Yippie Yay Yay
Yippie Yippie Yay Yay
Yippie Yippie Yay
Yippie Yippie Yay....

(This is in response to be freed by exam!)

And finally, it's the semester break! A 7-weeks break! Gosh, it's going to be boring to be just loafing around if I do really got nothing to do! But I do really have to enjoy before being suffocated for once again, alright! Ewww...

And here, a thank to those who have been with me for all the times. You may see that I'm always alone [cause i love to be alone whatz] but at times, the companions given made a perfect feel. Sorry if I do offend anybody not knowingly. I may be sarcastic since I'm someone who's not good in her words, and in order to keep a conversation going on, things were just being blurted out without being "scanned" by my stupiak brain. Wakaka! Crapz.

But one thing, I do feel happy here. Thanks to all. *grins*


j@e__*j@e_y^..^siLveR said...

so envy.... mah, i stil have 12dy,huh...but it will over soon,i noe....haha
happy holidy 4 u la....go genting redi???haha^^

cyws said...

enjoying d feel of lonely may be interesting bt dun be too much of tat la!!will become crazy d o....
no fault if u lik enjoy your own lifestye la bt giv chance to live together with fren around u also ma..diferent kind of life..(cell biology is bac: LIFE IS A MULTICELLULAR ORGANISM NOT AN UNICELLULAR ORGANISM) oopss..wish u life hapiily la no matter wat..

Nana Lana said...

cyws :
ayooo, wan gv example, find gud 1 mah, urs so lame leh! haha! anywayz, i wil try to open up n let other ppl build their castles on my land! *giggles* heehee! anywayz, haoz holz lar!

joey :
haha, hapz holz for me le! urs coming soon too! gambateh in ur final! heeeheee!