Thursday, December 4, 2008

Of A'Famosa and Friends

And so, the latest trip for me was the trip to A’Famosa with my bunch of ex-classmates/friends. Heehee! Set off on Tuesday morning (2nd of December 2008) and came back the next night (3rd of December 2008). Overall, it was a fun outing because it was with, FRIENDS. Haahaa!

Here you go, some random pictures taken.

At the entrance of A'Famosa Resort

Our Bungalow Villa with Pool !!!

One of the random picture taken...

After checking in to our Villa, we set off to the WaterPark by the shuttle-banana-truck. The ride was not bad though ; especially when you’re in a crowd! Wahaha! I felt great and relaxing when the wind/breeze brushed over me entirely. Wakaka! We did had a snap on the ride butta it was in his cell phone and I do not have the courage to Bluetooth it from him though. Keke.

At the entrance of the A’Famosa WaterPark

Now, here you go, some random pictures taken at the Water Park!

I bet they’re getting on their nerves for - waiting for us!

I did had a few thrilling-slide-rides but it was really a pity that I did not try out the “jumping-off-tall-building-sensation-slide”. I only tried its’ twin brother. Wahaha! Which made me like almost flew out from the slide man. Scary but fun. That’s enough. Wakaka.

A picture says it all. Looking at all the pictures, you’ll get to see that all the guys I’ve known are either fleshy or boney right? Haha! Sorry if offended lar. I know I ain’t shapey like a “Hu-Lu” lar. Wahaha! Crazy. Back to the guys, I bet they’re more good looking than my coursemates in UPM? Oh no, not again, offending the BioMed.Sc.’s lads.

Our first night together in the Villa, we played “Truth or Dare” game again like what we did in Desaru. The only difference was that only 7 of us played it for this time. Wokay, I really do not have any question to ask punya lar unless my I have the gut to. Well, like what I’ve predicted, both questions were being shot to me by Mr.Kee. My first and second degree ex-es? Wakaka. Whatever lar, I did answered without getting too emotional, alright.

Hm, here’s a suggestion, maybe we shall try “Dare” game next time by... noting down 10-daring-actions, role it up, and put into a container and the one who tikam-ed it up will have to do that action like, “drinking 1000ml of water at one go” ; “eating 1 whole chilli padi” ; “give G of the opposite sex a peck?” ; etc and etc. Wahaha! Crazy.

Okay lar, I guess that will be all for now...


长颈 said...

i ll remember ur "dare" games....
leave for next yr trip!

Nana Lana said...


let's just wait n c!!!