Sunday, November 23, 2008

22nd Nov 2008

It’s been two weeks since I came back to JB and on the 22nd of November 2008, marked the first day I met up with some old-mates. Haha. Don’t get offended for being referred to as “old” huh! Should be pleasured instead! Wakaka!

In my almost sporty-auntie-getting ready-for-yoga-or-sports-style, I’ve opened the door of a Grey Wira and saw two gorgeous Da-Jie-Da (s) ; with my initial instinct spawning on me, I’ve sent my utmost respect to them with undeniable sincerity and offered them the Ginseng Wine which I’ve cocoon-ed for almost a hundred decade!

Ding Dong Bell !!!

Dramatic huh? As you can picture it! Wakaka!

Our first stop was the Sutera Mall. Well, just a very swift window shopping though. With my superb skill of feigning uninterested in those clothing, I’ve managed to curb myself from spending on them. Why would I do that? Haha, that’s me alright! Basically, I just need to look around, to survey more of the designs in town before I lay my fingers on them. It will be only until I think that the clothes are worth the price, I’ll get my hands on them! Nahnah, don’t you shake your head nor give your monitor that silly smile huh. Wakaka!

Oh ya, met Phoebe there. Hm, she’s on a 3-month-holiday now and working as a part-timer.
[For my ex-classmates]

Next, lunch at T.U.T.A. (Taman Ungku Tun Aminah), not bad though, Duck rice.

Tebrau City was the next stop. Tried a pair of Voir pants but to my despair, it made me looked even shorter and apparently it was too visible to my inner wear and that supported my reason for not purchasing it. Wakaka! How chancy am I... Bought nothing for the day... A wasted outing? Not really, so long as I get to get out for some shopping-complex-air-conditioned-air and met up with old mates... Wakaka! Nothing really caught my eyes either.

Hm, I did saw somebody there (ex-cassmate). I gave an unintentional ignorance when I saw her irritating eyesight passed swiftly to dis-acknowledge the slightest familiarity. I really did not notice her until I gave a second twist to her direction and that was when my sloppiness was being fished by that somebody. Wokay, ain’t holding any grudges against her ; for that. No reason to do that. Ain’t free to do that either. Bubu. Wakaka! OMG, if her Da-Ge-Da reads this and complains to her, will I be having any awkwardness if there was to be a once-again-so-called-gathering? Agaga...

Nevermind. Leave it. Forget it. Of no value.

Upon reaching home, joined parents for Sutera Mall after taking my dinner. This time round, had my eyes on a few long sleeved shirts but for once again, was holding back on them. Wahaha!

*stretch my body from head to toes*

Should be heading for my bed now... Tata!

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