Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dreams of Remote Possibilities ???

Got nothing to blog and yet I felt the itchiness just to post something up today. Haahaa!

Guess what, just last night alone I had three dreams in a ceaseless order, one after another!

*D 1 *
Dreamt that I meet Harley (???nom de querre???uh uh???nahnah!!!) and his buddy in an overly-crowded place where I hid myself. He walked past and I was clutching myself on my knees. How absurd. Why should I behave in that way? Outrageous.

*D 2*
I was in a relationship with a somebody! OMG! It freaked me out! My oh my! Wee Wee was poking fun out of us (in my dream lar)! Man, guess who? Yea, of the same sex, perhaps I was indeed a homosexual? Wakaka! Out of the border man! Choi choi choi!

WHO appeared in my dream???

That somebody...
* I met 7 years ago
* Who’s now 21-year-old
* I used to tag along wherever she goes? Or perhaps the opposite?
* I used to have a company with???
* I used to sms whole day???
* I used to lament my loss???
* I’m still in contact with...

YES, that SOMEBODY !!!

*D 3*
I was being followed on my way to catch a public bus in a pitch dark pathway. At the moment I turned to my back, he held me, my instinct-ness drove me into pushing him down with all my strength. He fell and I yelled for HELP. I was almost ROBBED.

*THE ENDZ* of my dreams...

I’ve been outta my mind lately, due to the intense boringness swathing tightly on me.

Should go for a cutting-cum-trimming of my hair which I stubbornly avoided weeks back soon.

I have yet to browse thru next semester’s lecture notes. Arghhh.....

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