Tuesday, March 30, 2010


MAKJASA, the abbrev. for Malam Kilauan Berjasa...

Malam Kilauan Berjasa???

A "Dinner" night meant for the residents of the 17th College, UPM, particularly, the final-year students. It was held at Dewan De' Seri Endon, Putajaya.

There were... as usual... the...

Table Number Stand...

(i prefer buffet lar, makan puas puas mah)

Anyone to recommend me some nice hi-tea? Some places with lotsa lotsa desserts? Cakes? Chocs? I.Cream? Owhhh...

(too far away to snap tho. huhu)

Prize Giving Ceremony for High Academic Achievers

T.H.K., the best BIOMEDIC FY Student ? XD


My uncle!!!

Guess what, I was like "OMG" as I walked towards the main entrance of the hall. There was a guy, a familiar "back", a familiar "shadow", a familiar "man", GOSH... There he was, standing there with a strap hanging on his neck... No mistakes... He was, of no doubt, my maternal uncle...

He was the hired photographer of the night~ Owh, what a coincidence! LoLx!

Now, you must be wondering why wouldn't I learn any photography skills from my uncle.. Nah, apparently, he may be my uncle but still, there is a barrier there. Yes. He's fierce and strict lar.. Aku Takut Lar ~ Haha!

Oh ya, how could you miss some camwhorers for the night? Hahaksss!!!

Above : I looked like a witch~ Bahaha!

Overall, a so-so experience. I still think that the BIOMED's CAD Night was far more enjoyable than this night! LoLx!

Datin Jac Fi !!! Hahaha !!!

Now, I don't know if I should commercialize my bloggie or make it more personal... Sometimes, I don't really feel like letting too much strangers knowing things about me but at times, I do feel the hype of sharing things with people. Owh..

Don't sabotage me okay ady lar~ Buahaha!

Perhaps I shall have two bloggies in hand. One for commercializing while the other, towards the more personal me. LoLx.

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j@e__*j@e_y^..^siLveR said...

sometime i oso feel x privacy..so juz blog out ...something wic cn be known...hehe..~~maybe u cn do it so...~~dis malay custom vry nice..i like it..haha^^