Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crazy Thoughts

Why should I listen to her?
Why can't I just stand by my point?
Why should I be so lenient in surrendering myself to someone who is so-not-close-to-me?
Sometimes I really felt great when I see someone else trampled on her.
But at times, I felt sorry for her.
NOW... I won't... I definitely won't since I'm 100% sure that she is not the one I should have in my life. E.V.E.R.
Come on, we're not making money out from it but why oh why are you snatching away my candies? I wanna have a sweety life too. Mind/Beware that you're sweeted off and all the honey bees will kiss your butt wokay~
Owh... Wth am I crapping on? Forget It.
You don't have to know who you are. But... You're just someone I'm getting the heat from. You're simply too realistic, MY DEAR... (just a "title" for somebody and not all the dears in my U-life~lolx)
You may be just that particular someone I see every single day of my life, in my illusions, in my dreams, whatsoever... GAGAGA!

1 comment:

j@e__*j@e_y^..^siLveR said...

o....next time ur language make it bit simple lolz...seem i more + more tak berapa faham u tulia apa..?hahaha~~dun angry la...sure got dis kind ppl d..~~juz let tem be ugly temself la.....~~