Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Pseudo-Tourist Me

Been acting as if I was really a tourist today.

Been to The Mines Shopping Centre for numerous time and yet did I know that there's so much to explore around.

Been camwhoring the whole day. My Love. WooHoo!

Had my Walk Of Fame!!!

Lame right? Hahahahaz!

~So other random Photos~


Been an amateur model for Nana Lana Shotz... (shall store them in my album! hahaz!)

LoLx!!! Had a lot of fun today! Thanks for asking me out, my dear! XD

Met 2 Golf Players today... Under-12 and Under-15... Good Luck to them for their upcoming tournament!


Had my 3-hour Steamboat at Hai Tang Steamboat! I'm so gonna vomit now! Took a lot of ice-cream (3 servings) and fruits as my desserts! Huhu! Gotta cut down on my food intake ady! Laalaalaa!

Met a cute "mother of 2"! hahaz~

"Yan (a name), the watermelon seems fresh & beautiful hoh"

"Yan, what's that ar? Looks nice hoh?"


That's her hint to get her girl to get some food for her! Hahaz! What a way! Hehehehe!


"I shall finis this up! Weeeee!!!!"

Went for Karaoke session at RedBox IOI Mall yesterday (18th)! Had my duet with WenJie! Hoohoo!!! Heehee! Anticipating for another one of the same song! Hahahaha! Coz... That's da only Mandarin duet that I remember da whole lyrics of da song! kakaka!

Till then..... Tata!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

loving that photo with your hair covering your face. quite artistic.

neway... if you like camwhoring and modelling that much, perhaps you can be my model sometimes... alongside krystal of cuz... since she offered herself :P