Monday, March 15, 2010

BioSymp 2010

After struggling ourselves with so limited numbers of committee members to handle a national level event, the first ever MALAYSIAN SYMPOSIUM ON BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES 2010, and finally, it has come to an end.

Although we were just not perfect but it's a good kick start point for all of us. Being undergraduates, being the Second Year students, I don't think that people should expect much from us. YES, we're the organizers. But, there's always things which will get out of our control. People should comprehend.

Forgive and Forget.

But learn from mistakes.

In the hope that the next host, UIAM will learn from our flaws and make the next Symposium an outstanding event.

Through this event, I've learnt a lot. I bet other committees did as well. We're all one. Seeing and knowing that there's a lack of working hands, we did not hesitate to lend our hands in moulding the pending and awaiting works. It's all about making our Symposium "working".

For this, I wanna thank the Director f Programme, Mr.Shawn for trying his best in initiating this Symposium and make it a reality. Frankly, no matter how tedious like what I've always complaint to myself, I've never really regretted in getting myself to be involved in this. It's a good experience.

Dealing with sponsors, having to call and to follow up on the progress, etc and etc but it has never dampened my spirit to keep on getting involved in this.

Random photos for our first night - committee members gathering~

(the guy in green, Ming Zhang, if I did not remember worngly~ Haha~ from USM. Others, UPM luuuu)

I've made friends. Although not much, I felt great hearing sweet responses from them. Haha, don't get jealous ya, my fellow committees~ Huhu!

( Hendi {from UIAM}, if I did not remember wrongly, reminds me of Bob, my 3rd Year senior. Haha!)

All in all, it's a great job for all of us.

All The Way Goooo!!!



凯宁 said...

haha! ya, they are so similar!!

Nana Lana said...

even d face looks so similar hoh~heehee~

凯宁 said...

haha...really! hahah! eh, we got biomedic song meh?

Nana Lana said...

wat i heard was last time used to hav one but they said nt nice and so, asked farah to create one....'s w/out choir one but i duno y ended up v choir~

butta dey said tat day it was da setting of da mic. tats y d whol song was ruined.


凯宁 said...

woah....i want to listen to the proper version leh! give me if u got k! good luck tmr! outing after that??