Friday, March 12, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

In the anticipation of watching a 3-D Animation Movie for this movie tho~

Look at this...

It's Anne Hathaway!

I love her so much! She's sooo gorgeous! Hehe! Her face is so distinct! Get what I mean? LoLx!

Not everyone is in the hype for this particular genre of movie but it's the kind of movie that I like. Huhu!

But not, frankly, I don't really enjoy Mandarin-spoken kind of movie, if, I were to spend for a movie ticket~ Hahaha! In exception to that... It can get me to be on my feet. LoLx.

I can't wait to be freeeeeeeeee and spare the time for thisssssssss!!!!



jfook said...

I watched dy. Awesome. Must watch!

Nana Lana said...

I've WATCHED it!!!! hahahaha!!!

LOVED IT!!! But TGV Mines NO 3D... sighhh

How fairytale~

How nice if one gets to live in a splendid place like tat~ owh~

The garden where Hamish proposed to Alice~ Owh...

Malaysia mana got such place~ sighhh....