Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stephy's 21st!!!

And here we go... On da 25th of August, 2009, there was a or probably two celebrations for a friends, Stephy's 21st Birthday.... Pictures speak a million words and so, I shall not be naggy here! LoLx!!! Enjoy the pictures!!! =)))

In welcoming the very first seconds of the 25th... Yay!!!

Birthday Girl!!!!
(Second Year)

(Stephy v First Year)
Da Giftersss

Stephy in her GIFT from her Gifters... haha!

"Party" at night.... =)))


The Gurlsss....!!!

Lok-Lok-ing somewhere near the townhouses opposite The Mines'... LoLx!!!


XtasyM said...

i love tat photo u forced mama... LOLx

Nana Lana said...

hahaha! very natural rightz! tats y i've posted it up! lolx!