Friday, August 21, 2009


And so, what have I been doing after those hectic lifestyle of having to rush on revising for my first test this semester? Well, apparently, I had actually did something to my fullest satisfaction of having to go for a jog last evening. LoLz. Went jogging with Yan Ling, Shmily, Ri Wen and Li Wen to the Bukit Expo of UPM. Kaka... I *LOVE* SWEATING!!! HAhaHA!!! Can really feel that my body had actually been loosened up after those workouts. Planning for another shot in the soonest time!

After da jog, learnt a few dance steps to SNSD Circus Dance from Shmily. Shall continue with these kinds of stuffies to fill up my life to the fullest and stop engrossing myself in unnecessary stupidious stuffie thingie thing~ o_x???
So, what's for today??? With BabySoft's White Saga, went to Balakong Cheras Selatan's Jaya Jusco and hunted for some daily necessities as well as some FOOD!!!!! Spent RM112.90 on my purchases!!! Outrageously out of my expectation...! Gosh... Was just been estimating to spent around 50 bucks but due to my failure of controlling myself against the temptation of the goods, I went.... Filling up my trolley with those stuffies.. Bahhhhh....

There's still another outing tomorrow! Looking out for a place for a sorta splendid meal~ LoLz. Will update if things do turn out fine. How about Sunday? Just watch out Babes!!!

By the way... Look at my Fusilli!!!! There's one extraordinary one which is just so out-of-size compared to its brothers and sisters!!! LoLx!!! Okay, I'm lame. Who cares! I'm ME. Gaga... (not Lady Gaga! Just a stupid sorta sound*effect, LoLx!!!)
Till my next post!!! =)))


XtasyM said...

why the fusilli so BIG? O.o

Nana Lana said...

i duno either! lolx! wen it was cooked, d size is almost like... fit exactly to my spoon's "scoop" o_x?