Friday, August 28, 2009

A Day Out To Main Camp

Cytogenetics' Lab was cancelled today and so, went for lunch at Old Flat with some ladies... Look at my lunch of the day which eventually kept me felt bloated and even skipped my dinner! Buahaha! I bet if a guy was with me at that time, he'll be scared off dude! Hahaz! (this pic doesn't really show the mountain of my meal! =P)

It's really a big share and I just can't help but to keep on adding dishes without having to bother if I could finish them or not. But don't worry, I'm not that kinda typical girl who's just simply too conscious about gaining another pound. LoLx, just work out babes! And you can eat all you want! I want a buffet soon!!!

Grrrr.... Mana Buffet Kaki aku?????

After lunch, went for the last day of ICT Fair at the main camp. Though there was not much to see but still, I enjoyed my day by.... buahaha! Having somebody to be my victim-a.k.a.-model! Hahaha! Okay, I'm just too childish for this... Gaga..

Here you go, Gigi Sensodyne posing for me at G5-Photostate shop!!!

Next, Gigi Sensodyne posing with air-pillow!!!

Nah Nah... This ain't a pillow!!! You just can't sleep on it, Gigi, read the sign!!! (***sweatsss***) Pardon me for being such an idiot~ lolx!!!

*Till My Next Post*


ur dearest "ah ma" said...

jacklyn, u really put tat "$$ cat" in your blog ah///.. cant believe lots of "secrets" here o...

Nana Lana said...

$$ cat~ haahaa!


secret?? like??