Monday, August 31, 2009

Malacca Trip Day 1 (280809)

Instead of having to return to my hometown this Merdeka Break, I went for a short touring to Malacca City with a few gals ; apart from the tourist guide himself, being a "he". Buahaha! Overall, this trip is sorta spectacular and fun for once again although Malacca is a no-more-foreign-city for me ady since I was born there and do go back whenever CNY or my Grandmother's Birthday was hitting on the calendar~

Here You Go... Some Random Photos...

Our Tour Guide... Mr.Yugurey

First Stop Upon Arriving -> Asam Laksa at Jonker Walk

* Group Pic *
(Ah Ma, Gigi, Elaine, Me, Steph, Yugurey )

I had my Bibik Asam Laksa, not bad tho

Our plan to A'Famosa Animal World was cancelled since it was drizzling the whole day~ And so, we went... To... As you can see from the photos below...

*Group Pic*
Have I found *The One*???
Hmmm.... I just need a guy for this shot!
Pleasured huh, Yugurey???
*Of Taming Sari & Eye On Malaysia*
***We're Flying Wthout Wings***

And inevitably, the Jonker Walk~ I missed the Cendol in one of the stall which was quite popular around~

After checking in to our motel, we went for Satay Celup, and again, this was nothing new to me anymore but Ms.Steph was definitely satisfied for having to try it! LoLx!!! The same stall that I always go for whenever I was back to Malacca... After dropping Ah Ma & Gigi back to the Motel, Mr.Yugurey brought us "yamcha-ing" at his frequent hang-out cafe, "Friends Cafe", the ambience was not bad and I LOVE THE TOILET'S WALL DECOR!!! Hahazz! Wanted to snap it but... there were strangers around that refrained my intention to snap*snap*snap! Kaka!

My Warm Chocolate Milk...
Our Pineapple Tarts from Yugurey for Supper/Breakfast~

Next... Frankly, I do really wanted to check out what it's like to be sorta clubbing/pubbing although I did entered a pub before but that was when my aunt and parents were around. Buahaha!

Yugurey brought us to The Jetty, Arena Club/Pub BUT we did not enter lar~ Just passing by guaaa... Probably the next time I get there, I'm gonna check it out babes. It was nice from the outside. Hm....

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