Sunday, February 8, 2009


Skipping dinner againz... Gulping down a cup of Cereal Drink with a couple of Jacob's Weetameal Crackers instead of having a balanced diet meal. Man, this is how my life will be whenever I'm busy striving to complete reading and revising every single chapter which will be coming up for the coming test... Adui, apalah eh, take care of your health will ya'?

(Even lied to Mum that I had rice with Baked Bean for dinner today! Yer, I've always lied about my food takings or else, I'll be ticked I only took Mushroom Soup for dinner last night and I lied I took Porridge... Keke...Apalah Eh...)

Wokay, just a random post out of boredom...


anvexr = raven + x said...

Lie is not good.

Nana Lana said...

for my own good, for avoiding being ticked off, it's "good" wakaka..

Anonymous said...

ill tapao something for you lar.... what you wanna eat?

shmily said...

good lie is good lie, bad lie is bad lie, any lie that can good for us = good lie, any lie that bad for us = bad lie, sometimes, good lie is bad lie, bad lie is good lie too! pon pening dah @.@

Nana Lana said...

MsM :

i wanna eat..
Peking Duck from Shanghai,
Nougats from Australia,
Salmon from Japan, etcetc!

Muz be originally from deh, or else dey wont be going into my mouth, wakaka! jk jk!

nonid lar~

Shmily :

i'll sum it up,

in conclusion, lies are bad, wakaka!

shanz said...

i know what's wrong.


after your previous disaster... you are suffering from


hahahahah. jk la. i understand. sini pun pagi petang siang malam must study when nearing exams, no time to go get proper food. so normally whole day just makan kacang n snacks. can't leave the books. haizzzzzzzz

Nana Lana said...


if tat can slim me down, ah hem, y not? kacang??? OMG! u wanna kill me ar? later my facey got tons of unwanted residents! wahahaha!