Friday, February 6, 2009

Prince Charming

A weird dream I had last night, no, I should say, a weird dream this wee hour in the morning!!! Whatever lar...

I dreamt of my Prince... Yea, My Prince... He'd sent me a parcel to my house, MY K17 HOUSE, well, apparently, it's quite romantic though even though it was JUST a dream. Keke. The bizarre thing was that, I don't even know how he looks like! Nor knowing his name at all! Wakaka! I guess HE was probably a fantasy Prince of mine... Yea, but somehow, I'm hoping to see him one day!

Wanna know what's inside the parcel that somehow, kinda touched me inside for his "sweetness"??? Wakaka! Take a look at both the pictures below!

Traditional KUIH KAPIT

Sweet Sweet Fruits!!!

It was like a combination of Kuih Kapit with a container filled up with all sorts of BERRIES man! The berries, oh man, how saliva-ing were they in my dream, wahaha! Yea, a glutton you may call me, I don't mind. *GRINS*

So, how do I feed myself to 'em? Simple, the Kuih Kapit is sort of spongy instead of crispy! Yes, I said it was "SPONGY", no doubt, you get me? Yea, it's sorta "Apam Balik" style, you get me? Yea, and then you will just have to stuff the berries in-between the intra-skin spaces and just gulp it down to delirious your tummy with it! It's nice and a whole new gustation FOR ME in the DREAM! Wakaka! WTH??? Bubu!

Okay now, gotta brush up on my determination to burn the ANATOMY notes, coalescing it within my BRAIN, wahaha! And then, batter it up with some..... Foreign substances..... Like..... "you don't wanna know", OMG, wth am I talking about, "Forgive me, baby can I hold you tonight??? Baby if I told you the right words, at the right time, Would you be mine?????"


TAG : In Anticipation to meet My Lord...


anvexr = raven + x said...

Wahaha. Sweet dream. I told u de mah. Sure is sweet dream one. "Have a sweet dream."

Nana Lana said...

u got tell me meh? er... wen?


haha! but d sweet dream wishes reali came true. i do hope to meet him soon! wakaka!

"fa hua ci" crazy, jk jk!