Monday, February 16, 2009


Over the hills and far away... BIG APPLE DONUTS flew to me!!!

Wahaha! Well, apparently, this should be yesterday noon "event" at around 12 pm that I've got half a dozen of BIG APPLE DONUTS sent to me. Wakaka! A BIG "THANK YOU" to the sender! An avid Nana Lana's reader who browsed through my comments tab, I guess so huh.... Hehe!!!


shanz said...

big apple durian doughnut quite nice la. if ur a durian lover, that is. hehehe.

Nana Lana said...

yer, it's too much for me leh, wahaha! but its nice in a way! wahaha! prefer those whitish designs which look so much temptating! wakaka! OMG, design or taste??? Taste for sure, wahaha!