Tuesday, February 10, 2009

God Of Wealth???

I was REALLY HAPPY as I left the exam hall after Anatomy Paper this morning. I wonder why. It wasn't because the test was really easy although they were indeed, quite easy compared to the difficulty which I've predicted. So, it was, a total relieve. However that doesn't mean that I'll be scoring it with a fantabulous result! You see, sometimes, you can't really have things you want! Now, I don't expect much but to get a GOOD result is sufficient.


Animals House sucks. The smell, or perhaps, the odour, OMG, I can't imagine how those post-grads cope in "living" there... Kuakuakua... Oh ya, I've finally saw him around! He was in purple tho. Purple Man! If you know me, You'll know what I mean! Wakaka! PURPLE!!!


Heading towards the gate of OLD FLAT, both of us, Ri Wen and I saw something which was eyes catching and without wasting any more of my time, I've said the prayers to somehow, thicken my acned-skin with multiple layers of keratinized epithelial tissues and shot "I WANT TO SNAP!!! CAN??" Wahaha!! You can really hardly see me doing that in public man! Count yourself lucky, Dinosaur! Wahaha!

Yea, it was none other than the somewhat "dehydrated" GOD OF WEALTH. Wakaka! He wasn't really that muscular enough nor having the perfect "size" for the post tho. I guess they just couldn't find any macho guy around to fit in the costume which ultimately landed them with the tall and skinny guy to promote their ticket selling for the coming Ang Pau Festival's Carnival. Hm... Support, Support! Haahaa!

Ri Wen - God Of Wealth - Me


anvexr = raven + x said...

Haha god of wealth. You two will become rich. Then you two got money to treat me liao. It seems that ri wen had recovered. Very good. Can see her smile again. Hahahahahaha....

Nana Lana said...

Haha, Ri Wen, if u happened to read dis, Im not the one revealing ur condition ya! wakaka!

if he hugged us, there'll be a higher possibility tat we'll get a fortune lar! a pity, he din. wakaka! :P