Monday, July 28, 2008

Stupid Mistake

I knew I've made a BIG mistakes! How could I give up on Oral Interaction Skill and go for the Public Speaking? Apparently, Public Speaking is even harder to score than the Oral Interaction Skill! I must be out of my mind when I've made this decision. However, it can't be changed now. No point thinking about it either.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna go for the trial class. If I personally think that I'm not really up to it, then I might take the Elective course for the next two semesters. Yeah, my schedule will definitely be packed!

The reason I dropped the easiest-to-score course?

A stupiak reason. Only an idiot like me will think this way.


The schedules of the class are all jumbled up. Not really though. I'm exaggerating. I just hate that there's a one-day one-hour class whereby I have to go out of my faculty to attend the class. Guess what, minus off the time for me to get there, to wait for bus, etc and etc, quarter of my day is GONE. And so, for me, I thought that I might as well drop it.

Just hoping for the best. Don't ever regret, JAC!

For my coursemates, you all sure think that I'm stupid. Whatever lar. If you read my blog, then you will think that I'm really stupiak! Haha!

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