Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cats vs Buddy vs Car?

Days ago, I went to the so-called "Old Flat" with some friends for lunch. On our way through the shophouses, we saw one creature, a weird creature. It looked like a cat but also like a dog at the same time. However, to my prediction, it was a cat. And I was absolutey correct. Haha!

Even though I hate cats and am scared of them but I did pitied the cat that I saw. Here's a picture of it. It couldn't lift its' head and so, me and my friends could hardly see its face.

*mini mani hom*

I've finally get to know who's my buddy. She's a great lady? Or perhaps, a nice gal? Hehe! As I was involve in the cultural nite show, I did not really get to know most of my seniors. Well, I just hope that time will allow me to make more friends. Haha! Be more sociable, yeah? Here's a picture of me and my buddy. Not really that clear but I like it. Haha! Crazy me.

*mini mani hom*

As for today, I went to the Ekspo at the main campus with Wani. Akok??? Anyone??? What's that??? Haha! That's a Kelantanese dessert. Made out of eggs and santan. I'm having a bad cough this week and yet, ate 5 of it. Oh man, Make my own condition even worser yeah? Stupiak. Neh neh, here's a picture of the white jeep I've found around my campus. Hehe! There're still a lot more for me to explore! Wuuu Haaaa!!!!! Hahaha!

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