Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bad Eyes

Why GIVE me that look?

I HATED that look so much!

Smiled to her and yet get an irritating stare from her.

If the Facilitator of my Theatre Club did not mention that I was one of his favourites, she wouldn't give me that look. She'd always tried to stand out. I know that. I've been always giving attention to her. Well, it's not that I was interested in her. It's just that I wanted to see how she acts. Haha!

Okay, as for today's class, I've been given a new nickname, "AYOO" as in "AYUH" in Malay language. Why? Long story... [which've made everybody chuckling away] However, it was a nice experience to get to mix with a new group of crews.

Just hope that I can have more fun and be more proactive in this club for the next 12 weeks, until the end of this semester. For the next semester, I hope to join something, something new again. Heehee!

I'm getting sleepy now... Ain't gonna sleep! Aishooo, my room mate went home already, I'll be all alone in my room tonight even though there're 5 more house mates of mine at home. Who's gonna call me and chit chat? Haha, as if I'm good at chatting on phone. Frankly, I don't really like chatting away on the phone. [or HP] Heehee!

[p/s : MR.LWS, MR.YWS is the same age as you and the same chinese name as yours ar...except for his surname, haha! He's very tall too, erm, maybe taller than you gua... Not sure lar...]

MR. Yap Wee Seng is a funny guy but solemn at the same time, for certain time lar. There was once when we were in the English Oral Interactive Skills' lecture, and he sent me a sms asking me whether I've forgotten to attend the lecture. Well, I was actually sitting at the second role and he, probably the last second role. Apparently, I was hiding myself when I replied him. For fun only lar. CHILDISH. In the end, I told him that I was already in the class. MR.YWS, next week, you probably won't see me in the class anymore. I've asked for an exemption and I'm gonna attend another elective course. So, don't miss me! Haha! [Xiao Di Di]

There is one weird thing about me. I tend to be more daring when chatting to a junior [younger than me-age]. Don't know why. Probably because I wanted a younger brother. Haha! [All my siblings are girls what...]

Gonna chaozzz now... Till the next post...

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