Monday, July 14, 2008

da First In My Lifetime!

Haven't been blogging for quite some times. Apparently, since I've enrolled myself into UPM, life has been hectic for me. For the past few weeks, I have been deprived of sleep. Well, that did not really bother me that much because I CHOSE to be like that. I wanted to try something. Something which I've always wanted to do. YES.

After weeks of practising, weeks of enduring the pains, the enjoyment of making more friends from other faculties, I'm satisfied. The whole bunch of people was fantastic. I'm glad I've chosen to sacrifice my sleep in order to pursue my interest. Cool experience!

The day before the show, on the 11th of July, we gathered at 9pm for practice. Guess what,the practice went on until the next morning, 6.30am! NO JOKE, people! After that, we were allowed to rest...and to meet up at 7.30am! OMG! I slept in the bus instead! Haha! It was only a 15 minutes journey though. Joseph da Vet, who sat beside me woke me up when we've reached. Haha!I was sleeping like a log! I wonder if I did open my mouth? Impossible gua...

Upon reaching, time to practice and to rehearse again! While our Mentor was amending the steps and the soundtracks, we, the actors and actresses, went for a nap. I took 3 chairs and laid my body on them in a corner. OMG. What a scene! My first time man! And there was this guy, Shamir, who went around disturbing other people! I was really exhausted and yet, opened my eyes when he approached me. GOSH. Ding Dong Bell, and I went back to my nap when he walked away! Haha!

Oh yeah, what's my role huh? I was involved in 5 scenes.Let me see,da tribe, urban robotic gal, earthquake scene, tsunami scene and finally,a scene whereby I have to act so as toshow that I was in hunger after those disastrous calamities.

p/s : My photos are all uploaded in MyLiveSpace. Simply click on the link in the sidebar to view. Hehe!

Although the show was just 7-minutes but the whole experience was just so fantastic! You will never get to feel the excitement and the tense when you're abyut to get on stage IF you've never been involved in any LIVE performance right in front of thousands and thousands of people when everyone seems like a tiny ant to you! Haha!

All in all, I could never forget the people I once worked with. Kojek, you're so cute! Hehe!


p/s : Auditions were held before selecting the crews. So, a big hug and Thank You to the seniors who've voted for me! Haha!

[Sorry,no time for making this post colourful! Hehe!]


长颈 said...

proud of you!!

Nana Lana said...

hehe! domo arigato!
it's fun, mayb u culd try tat sumtime!

p/s [to avybody]: typo error found in the post. haha.

abyut : about