Sunday, July 20, 2008

An Adventurous Day?

8.30a.m. , there was a final orientation program for us. We had a mini Sports Day. Seven events were held. However, I kinda forgotten all the names of the games. Haha. "Hamster Roll" was the only name I remember. Terrible right? Who cares. Blahhh.

Having participated in all the activities under the scorching hot sun was really torturing. I almost fainted but persevere till the very end. I was not really feeling well. That explained it. One more thing, the sandwiches prepared by those seniors was not bad though. Haha! I LOVE SANDWICHES! DOMO ARIGATO for you all punya efforts! Heehee! Here's my team mates.

The activities ended at around 12 noon. Upon reaching my so-called "apartment" styled hostel, I took my bath, washed my clothes, fold the dry laundry. It was a really tiring day. The moment I stepped out of my room, I heard a loud bang right behind me. I was like, "SHIT"! The door knob memang got problem already and I did not have my room's key with me all the time! I couldn't get into my room this time round! My room mate went home and I have no idea when she's gonna be back!

After almost 2 hours of searching for a solution, I've finally pluck up the courage and went to the next house to 'borrow' their last room's window to CLIMB into my room! Here you go, a picture of the 'route' I've taken to get back to my room! For your information, my room's on the first floor whilst there's a ground floor beneath it. Haha! So, IF I did lost my grip and fell, I'll only get injured. Guess so.


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