Sunday, October 31, 2010

Exam Fever

Guess what, was supposed to quarantine myself from getting online with my snail-lappie but somehow, in the end, I'm now losing the self-control in me, because I AM HERE.

Just a random post btw. October's coming to an end now. The month of the year which I *used* to love the most before living my life here in Selangor! WHY? Oh well, the month where I get to eat 4 types of different cakes since that there are basically 4 Librans in my family! Teehee! XD

Have you ever seen my Red Patrick? No yea? Once, I used to name my crush *Patrick* since that I have no idea of what's his birth name! But for now, I will call him as.... FIDO!!! Ya' know??? YES!!! The Seven-Up character! =P

Exam's around the corner. Everyone's stressing up in their room. Cocooning up competing to evolve as the most beautiful butterfly on earth to get the best results they could ever wanted to achieve. Silencing themselves. And so, what about me? Well, apparently, I just wanna maintain mine and that will do. =X

Anyways, close friends out there, I can't wait to go back to goyang kaki lepak lepak with you all man! LOL. Sounded as if I'm a kaki lepak. =P [Okay, I felt like having a Malay a.k.a. Bahasa Melayu post any sooner days again kakaka!]

Imma gonna screw my Spanish. ewwww!!! First Paper on the very First Day!!! =(

But Imma gonna enjoy gaogao once I've finished my last paper on the 13th of Nov!!! Girls, don't forget our dates!!! Shop till you patah kaki drop!!! Muahaha!!!

Good Luck & All The Best!!!

Just a random post.


Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Good Luck and all the best in your exam ya ! =D

jacqueline said...

is that the patrick i bought you? =P

Nana Lana said...

@jayren, tx same to u!

@jacqie, yesh yesh yesh!!! see, i brg it v me! hahaha!!

jacqueline said...

hahaa....i am glad! add oil for your exam!