Friday, October 15, 2010



I've finally stepped into Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium [Stadium Putra] to feel the heat brought by the ever entertaining and fantastico Adam Lambert!

I'm so proud to be one of the lucky spectators to be experiencing the ever-wondrous performance by this unbelievable man!

The opening of his Glam Nation Tour with VooDoo, the FIRST song which I've eventually fell in love with in his album! Seriously! The lady beside me was giving me *eyes when I sang the *voodoo part spookily! LMAO! VooDoo and followed by For Your Entertainment!

My fever caused by him just wouldn't subside and I wouldn't want it to subside either! Never knew that I would scream the way I screamed so wholeheartedly that I almost fainted! LMAO! Not even the Revenge of The Mummy indoor roller coaster ride at Universal Studio was capable in making me to scream that badly!

Stunning! Stunning! I love him and I've melted to the utmost degree when he sang "SOAKED", one of my favourites! In facts, I love all his songs!

And, this is the acoustic version of his WHATAYA WANT FROM ME!!!

Wanted to jump from my seat so badly but due to Malaysians' passiveness, I was held back. Deng. Butta the lady beside me was asking me to dance with her! And so we went jumping, hopping all the way out throughout IF I HAD YOU!!! The crowds *finally* went WILD!

Shouting for him to encore and there he went with Mad Haters!

All in all, it's simply my first-ever-concert and I had such great fun! Despite having to sit for my test the very next morning after the concert night, I HAVE NO REGRET!!! And thank God that I can still answer my paper XD Somehow, just gotta pray that the lecturer will *like* my answer. LMAO.

BTW, pichas shall be up anytime soon =P

Seriously, I'm kinda pissed off when people condemn him. He sings so well man! Worth every single buck that I've spent! Forget it if you're asking me to pay for some pretty faces who can't even sing but to *synch* all the way through. Bleh....!

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