Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WonderGALS Nobody Dance

Oooppsss! No wrong! Your eyes are NOT playing a fool on you! Yeah, It's not Wondergirls that I'm talking about but WONGERGALS !!! Mind you !!!

Centre in Purple : Senior a.k.a. Mentor =P

This post is ultimately *inspired* and *triggered* by JiaYeen who had just posted her dancing life HERE =)

One is missing!

Here, please DO pardon me for being such a narcist to share on this! One of my favourites of my 4 semesters' dances here in U-Pe-Eme!

Wondergirls - Nobody Dance
(BioMed CourseNight 2009/10)

or perhaps,

YES, and I'm actually opting for more dancings to sweat it all out!!! And, guess what, I might be doing one or two dances before I leave U-Pe-Eme for my semester break!!! <3

BTW, after my finals, I shall be sharing more of my ex-dances attempts! =)

Stay tuned!

P/S : This is just an amateur dance. We can't afford to be shot in a professional way. LOL

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Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Wow ! Nice nice ! another dancer here . =D